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Hey, Joshua here.

Thanks for checking out my blog, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best flight simulator available at the moment. I am a bit of a flight enthusiast myself and thoroughly enjoyed reviewing all the flight simulators out there. After reviewing several of them the best flight simulator in my eyes is the Pro Flight Simulator.

What I will be providing you with today is a comprehensive review of Pro Flight Simulator, presented by Flight Simulator enthusiast Dan Freeman, and why I believe this is the best flight simulator.

Most importantly, I want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted and unbiased honest review of Pro Flight Simulator.  You will be reading the ESSENTIAL details you must know before downloading the flight simulator game.

This is a review site:  Click here to visit Pro Flight Simulator’s Official Website

Pro Flight Simulator – What is it exactly?

Pro Flight Simulator’ gives you the experience of flight right from your own computer. Originally used for pilots in training it is now enjoyed by flight enthusiasts from all over the world.

It has been dubbed the ‘The Most Realistic Flight Simulator on the Market today’; Pro Flight Simulator has been based on actual world data everything from terrain – with real life scenery, aircraft reactions- based on real life cockpits with virtual controls, to planetary alignments & movements.

So what makes the Flight Sim so REALSTIC?

Pro Flight Simulator makes it realistic by giving you:-

  • Real Aircrafts – No matter what you may enjoy flying there is something for everyone with over 150 planes and helicopters, including the 1903 Wright Flyer, military jets, the Boeing 777 and light flyers to name a few. Or if a helicopter is your passion than you could try the medical helicopter.
  • Realistic Night Landing – Based on real life maps you can fly at night with the aid of ground lights and even see the lights from cars on the ground.
  • Real Controls – Based on real life cockpits, the controls act as they would in the real world. Anything that makes real life flying a challenge is present. The instruments act as they do in real life, and you even have control of raising the wheels to releasing the brakes just like you would in reality. This is one of the reasons why the pro flight simulator was built for pilots in training, you can practice your take offs and landings and take out the risk factor of the real thing.
  • Real Scenery – This is realistic as it gets as Pro Flight Simulator maps the whole globe with actual world date. It even matches the computer clock to align the moon, stars and sun correctly. So if in Sydney it is night time and you fly in virtual Sydney it will also be night time. Just choose a plane and explore the world. Pro Flight Sim was built for REALISM so you could fly to Rome, Africa, or even over the Great Wall of China……want to see the pyramids? That is pretty cool. It is so real you could fly over your suburb or why not try to find your house; you can do this as it is fed its data from Google maps- it really is the virtual world at your fingertips.
  • Real effects of the weather – You can take control and change the weather from sunshine to rain, be more adventurous and fly through a lightning storm with the real effects of the wind or why not try a hail storm. It couldn’t get more real than this.

I have mentioned real just a few times, and that really is what Pro Flight Simulator is all about, giving you the real experience overall. I’ve checked out a few flight simulators over the last couple months and don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some good ones.  However this was the first one that had big REALISIM factor for me.

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Don’t just take my review of the software; here is what other users are saying:

“This Is The Best One Yet!”

” Excellent product. Scenery and clouds looks super realistic. Been flying the sim for over 20 years and this is the best one yet. Even if you have owned previous Flight Sims before, try ProFlightSimulator you will definitely like it. ”
Mike Britt – Denver, CO

“Better Than Microsoft Flight Sim BY FAR! “

” This is the most complete and thorough aircraft package available. WAY MORE COMPREHENSIVE THAN Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe, BY FAR!!!!!! ”
John Harvey – Sydney, Australia

“An Excellent Game…Well Worth It!”

” I’ve recently gained my PPL so I wanted a life-like simulator – and I was really impressed with ProFlightSimulator. The set up of the aircraft is exactly what you see on an actual plane.They have data for thousands of airports and I was impressed with the accuracy of the visuals. All in all, an excellent game and well worth the money. ”
Kevin Jimenez – New York, NY

So what are the BAD things about Pro Flight Simulator?

Just like every product I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the bad points.

–       This isn’t like your WII or PlayStation or any arcade game you have ever played. As I have covered, this is as close to real life flying with real controls as you get. Which means just as you would get behind a real aircraft for the first time it could get a bit overwhelming and take some time to get used the controls. As they say practice makes perfect.

–       The download is quite big so unless you have a fast internet connection it could take several hours to download. So be prepared for a bit of delay from purchase to playing if you have a slower connection.

How about the GOOD things about Pro Flight Simulator?

–       Unlike many other products out in the market, Pro Flight Simulator comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Seems like a win-win situation if you are still not sure if it is for you, give it a try and if you don’t like it you can get your money back.

–       This would have to be the most REALISTIC flight simulator for the price. There are ones that cost a few thousand dollars, so for the price it really is the best flight simulator available.

–       100% free upgrades and updates for life. This means in 5 or 10 years’ time, you will still be playing the most up to date version available. You will never need to buy another flight simulator again.

–       Team up with your friends or other Pro flight sim users as this comes with a multiplayer option.

Overall, what do I think?

Pro Flight Simulator, in my eyes is the best flight simulator available today, as it is one of the most realistic flight sim’s I have come across. It has one of the largest selections of aircrafts available, with the most realistic 3D cockpits and controls. It really does make you feel like you are flying. Add to that the real world scenery and weather conditions and the fact that it supports all types of flight controllers including yoke, foot pedals, throttle etc it makes it one of the most realistic flight sims. Whether you are training to be a pilot an avid gamer or even an aviation enthusiast Pro Flight Simulator is well worth a try. You won’t regret it!

Hope my webpage has helped you,


Click here to visit Pro Flight Simulator’s Official Website


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What You Need To Get Started With Flight Sim

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Here is an interesting video of the Army using a Helicopter simulator.


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Volair Sim – Flight Simulation Cockpit Chassis Product Demo

JUst thought you might find this interesting. Whether you are interested in a full flight simulaor cockpit or not. I found this retty cool to check out.

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If you are looking for a Pro Flight Yoke System to compliment your Flight Simulator then you might find this video of interest.

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Essential Tips when looking for The Best Flight Simulator

Are you actively looking for the best flight simulator?

If you have been looking for a flight simulator, you are probably already well aware of how many are on the market. Making the wrong choice can leave your cursing your luck and wishing you had your money back. It’s not all that difficult to track down the best flight sim if you fully understand what a good game must possess in order to be the best out there. If you have a dream of taking to the skies as a pilot, don’t let a bad flight simulator turn that dream into a nightmare.

The goal is to choose a flight simulator that is perfect for you, which usually begins by choosing one that has quality graphics. Games that are graphically inferior tend to steer you away from flight rather than encourage you to do so. The best games include graphics that feature realistic landscapes and environments. This is often enough to make you feel as though you are flying for real, rather than navigation a pix-elated virtual world.

A good flight simulator will have:

  • Environment changes that don’t result in distorted graphics
  • Clear graphics that don’t put a strain on your eyes
  • Smooth game play that looks fantastic

The flight simulator you choose should have a number of different equipment options that allow you to hone your flying skills. For example, the game should give you the ability to choose from a number of different flying mechanisms. In order to keep the game fresh and exciting, you need to look for one that comes with multiple different aircraft that you can take control of. Those could include commercial airliners, fighter jets, and even helicopters. If you want to really improve your flying skills, you need to look for a game that best captures the way the equipment in the game would handle a plane in a real world environment.

In order to make sure that you get your hands on the best simulator software, you have to take some times to compare the features available on all the different games. This is often enough to differentiate a great game from one that isn’t that good. Some basic things to check for include:

  • Whether or not the game accepts add-ons.
  • If it comes with online support.
  • All the best features already built in
  • Whether or not you can re-charge the add-ons.

By add-ons, we mean the upgrades needed to help keep your game fresh and up to date. The best games on the market will often include this option for free as part of the original package.

Last, but not least, an outstanding flight simulator game will come with a series of demos and manuals already built in. If you can follow all the tips listed above, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your hands on the best flight simulator game for your PC.

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What You Should Look For In a Flight Simulator Download

Have you ever dreamed of getting behind the controls of an aircraft, but are somewhat afraid to do so? Do you want to learn to fly, but can’t afford to do so? You can now take to the skies without ever leaving the comfort of your own living room, all thanks to a simple flight simulator download. The Microsoft Flight Simulator could put you in command of your own aircraft, giving you the freedom to fly wherever you choose, as this was one of the original online game flight simulators.

The original version of Microsoft Flight Simulator was fairly basic, but in recent years the improved graphics have taken the game to a whole new level. If you want to see how great the game is now, read on to find out how to get your flight simulator download.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting at the controls of a Boeing 737, just waiting for word from the tower to head over to runway 35. Can you hear the dripping of the raindrops on your windows as air traffic control gives you permission to take off? You push forward on the thrust levers and feel the power of the aircraft at your fingertips. Now you can open your eyes and see that everything you just imagined is now available in a game that has the killer graphics that make it all seem real.

Flight simulator games have advanced to the point where it would take forever to list all of the features included. Rather than try to do that, let’s take a look at some of the top features that you can expect to find in a flight simulator download.

1. A virtual aviation world that features moving aircraft, dynamic landscapes, air traffic control, vehicles at the airports, and much, much more.

2. The ability to go on pre-programmed flying missions all over the world. That could be flying an airliner or perhaps performing crazy tricks in a Red Bull stunt plane.

3. When you fly for real, you will often see other aircraft off in the distance. You can invite your friends to fly alongside you by connecting with them online.

4. Choose from a variety of different aircraft, each with their own controls.

As mentioned earlier, the flight simulator has come a very long way since its early days. The internet has also made it possible for you to download the game and play it in your home right away. The download will also include add-ons that can put new aircraft and landscapes within the game, keeping it fresh and exciting.

The biggest advantage that you can get from going with a flight simulator is that you can have it on your computer and find yourself in the cockpit in under an hour. Perhaps it’s time you started living your dream of flying, starting with a simple mouse click or two.

If you are looking to purchase a Flight Simulator game make sure you read my review on the Best Flight Simulator.

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Play Online Flight Simulation Games Using Real Flight Simulators

If you are keen to get into the cockpit via an online flight simulator, you had better make sure the game you pick is as realistic as possible by using a real flight simulator. Anything else is just a waste of your money. In order to find a game that looks and feels real, you have to research all the games on the market and start to compare features. While that may seem like a huge task, the best flight simulator games have features that will quickly make them stand out. You can also save some time by paying attention to reviews posted about the game from those who have played it before.

A real flight simulator will have features that include the ability to choose from a number of different aircraft, variable weather and environment features, and a host of different countries to fly in. For a definite touch of reality, you want an online flight simulator whose controls most closely match that of a real plane. Getting your virtual plane of the ground and up into the air should take the same level of control as it would in the real world, which means that it should be a challenge as opposed to a couple of mouse clicks easy.

The manufacturers of flight simulator games should always show a willingness to follow new developments in the aviation industry. They can then add those changes into future upgrades of the game so that the highest level of realism is maintained. It’s that level of realism that makes many aviation companies use flight simulators to train their pilots.

If you are intent on getting the best online flight simulator available, it’s absolutely imperative that you put in the research so that you won’t be disappointed. Don’t just read the sales hype and take it for granted. Read independent reviews of each piece of software that catches your eye.

It’s also important to make sure that the flight simulator is compatible with the operating system that runs on your home computer.

Another great feature to look for in a flight simulator game is the ability to attach game hardware into a USB port on your system. Most games don’t come with joysticks, pedals, and such, but the good ones will allow you to add those on at a later date. Once you discover how amazing your new game is, you will want to make the experience all the more real by adding controls that will make it feel as though you are right in the cockpit.

The final feature that should be considered a must have when you buy a flight simulator is access to free updates, as well as the option to purchase future add-ons.

Now that you know exactly what to look for in an online flight simulator, the next step is to find one that has all the features that you need. It should also be one that fits inside the budget that you have set for yourself.

One game that captures all of those features, and a healthy dose of realism to boot, is Pro Flight Simulator. You can download this fantastically real flight simulator online and have it on your computer in no time at all. Take a moment to read all the info and reviews on their website and I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was.

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Why Do The Top Flight Schools Use Flight Simulator Games

Most of us think nothing about getting behind the wheel of a car, but stepping into the cockpit of a plane is something a whole lot different. Pilots need many hours of specialized training before they can fly solo, and flight schools use a number of different techniques to make that happen.

One of the most common of those is the use of flight simulator games for training. Modern simulators are now so advanced, they can pretty much replicate any experience that a pilot may come across in a real plane. A great Flight simulator may come in the form of a PC download, or as detailed as a real cockpit with virtual imagery outside the windows.

Flight schools, as you might expect, tend to have the top flight simulators available. You don’t have to go to flight school to play a flight simulator game, though, and you can now download great games online. The flight simulator download usually comes with a variety of different aircraft that you can take control of, as well as a host of weather conditions, and realistic looking graphics and landscapes. Many of the items used in the game are actually drawn from real images used by the US Defense Mapping Agency and even NASA.

The makers of flight simulator games make it their goal to ensure that their games are as realistic as possible. The layout of the aircraft cockpit, terrains, and even planetary alignment are just a few of the things taken into consideration when designing a flight simulator game. The best games will also include day and night flying options, harsh weather conditions, and the ability to fly over a number of familiar landscapes.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into a fighter jet, but don’t really care for the risk involved, you can still get that thrill from a flight simulator. The controls within the game have been designed to react to your touch the way they would in real life. The developers of flight simulator games go as far as to take into account how outside forces would affect how the plane moves and handles, as well as throwing in system failures. These give you the chance to put your flying skills to the test to see if you can land the plane safely.

More and more flight schools are adopting simulators as part of their teaching methods, used mainly for their realism. The use of flight simulators has now gone way beyond the school level, though, with hobbyists and novices alike clamoring to get into the virtual cockpit. Whatever the case, the best flight simulator is one that throws in as many real world flight features as possible. This will ensure that pilots will be better prepared when they enter the cockpit for real.

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